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Cash Carraway is a playwright, author and spoken word artist from Penge, South East London.

Her one woman show REFUGE WOMAN is currently touring the UK and her debut book SKINT ESTATE will be published by Ebury/Penguin Random House in July 2019.   ̌

Cash Carraway is an author and playwright from South East London. Her debut book SKINT ESTATE is published by Ebury Press/Penguin Random House.

In 2018 her award-winning play REFUGE WOMAN, a political monologue about the media mistreatment of working class women which she billed as “LIVE POVERTY PORN!” was produced by Battersea Arts Centre and Camden People’s Theatre. It toured the UK in collaboration with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism before completing a sold out London run. The play was nominated for ‘Best Innovation’ at the British Journalism Awards before winning ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the Drum Online Media Awards.

Cash regularly writes for womens’ magazine and has a number of television and radio commissions in development.

She is represented by Curtis Brown: