Interviews & Reviews

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Stripper, Single Mother, Sofa Surfer: New Voice of a Generation. By Janice Turner. The Times Magazine. 29th June 2019

Sex Worker Turned Published Author. Interview with Cash Carraway. By Hannah Keegan. Stylist Magazine. 18th September 2019.

Book of the Week: Skint Estate. Review by Tim Adams. The Observer. 14th July 2019.

Cash Carraway: The British Bukowski. By Patrick van IJzendoorn. Volkskrant. 12th July 2019.

Skint Estate Review By Liz Jones. The Morning Star. 17th July 2019.

Cash Carraway: The Pioneering Playwright. Interview in Marie Claire Magazine. 5th September 2019.

Don’t Call it Poverty Porn: Skint Estate review by Jenny McCartney. Unherd. 11th July 2019.

Life on the Margins: Skint Estate Review by Had Adams. Inside Croydon. 31st July 2019

Women’s Hour. Cash Carraway interviewed by Jane Garvey. Radio 4. 12th July 2019.

Review of Skint Estate by Phil Beadle. September 2019.

The Rise of the Working Class Writer by Ewan Gurr. Evening Telegraph. 9th July 2019.

Summer Must Reads. Stylist Magazine. 1st July 2019.

Standard Issue Podcast. Cash Carraway discusses her play Refuge Woman. November 2018.