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Some facts to counteract the lies that have been written about me on a gossip website:

  1. The last time I used a food bank was 27th July 2018. See photo above. This was before I received the advance for my book or payment for the tour of my play.

  2. I’ve always been clear that my show REFUGE WOMAN is semi-autobiographical. It is not a verbatim play. The play is inspired by my experiences of escaping violence but it is a work of fiction. This was made clear from the moment it was commissioned to the final curtain. No one else’s stories were used to create this piece of theatre. I used my own lived experience as a starting point and then used the imagination inside my own stupid head to create all the words and jokes and stage directions and stuff…

  3. Anyone who asked for a free ticket to my show got one. No one who asked for a free ticket was refused. I even gave free tickets to people who I thought might be too embarrassed to ask for a free ticket. No one was ever refused a free ticket. Even on the nights that were sold out the venue kindly made space. This was made possible by the lovely people who donated toward the show. After paying all staff a living wage we donated profits from ticket sales/donations toward the local women’s refuges we were working closely with in whatever city we performed. Information about the refuges we donated to is available from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

  4. Cash 4 Cash was a response to the hundreds of messages I used to receive each week from middle class people on Instagram asking me questions about what it was like living in poverty. I started writing about living below the poverty line in August 2017 after my daughter and I were made homeless when the ceiling crashed down in the women’s refuge we were living in. Answering all these personal questions was an emotional labour I didn’t need during a time of great stress - so I tried to be resourceful and offered it as service. Tbh when I put a price on it most people stopped asking questions! I didn’t take money from ‘vulnerable’ women. People made a choice to pay to ask me a question and in return I answered it. On the day I received my book advance I stopped offering the service.

  5. My book SKINT ESTATE is a memoir. It is a collection of my memories, thoughts and experiences of living below the poverty line. It’s my story. For anyone to say that I have lied about being homeless and living in poverty is ridiculous - there are council records that detail our homelessness application and list all of our temporary addresses -including hostels and refuges. Luckily, all non-fiction books go through a thorough legal read where all these details are verified and I can assure you that Penguin’s legal team have got their A game on to ensure they don’t get sued - especially as crimes, councils and MP’s are named.

  6. We lived in temporary accommodation until 18th June 2018. We are very lucky to live in a council flat now.

Cash Carraway

Oh hey. So last year I wrote a show called REFUGE WOMAN about the media portrayal of working class women and government cuts to women’s domestic violence services - and I took it on tour around the UK.

It was directed by my good friend Conrad Murray (you probs know him as the director of the FIVE STAR reviewed show Frankenstein at Battersea Arts Centres and for his acclaimed solo show Denmarked - he’s really great) and was produced in collaboration with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism which meant they gave me a little bit of money to keep my daughter and I out of the food bank for a couple of months whilst we took the show around the country.

The whole thing was a bit ramshackle and punk and disorganised and lovely.

Anyway, so. My writing career has been largely unsuccessful for the past 15 years and I imagined that my failure would roll on forever but for some reason the tour sold out (despite us having the smallest touring budget of all time) and I was briefly W-list famous on the Instagram (until I pissed off a bunch middle class women by not being polite enough) and then in November we did a short run in London (which- completely- sold- out- too) and then it got nominated for best innovation at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Yeah!

What I’m saying is that it was small time successful. It went alright. Enough people liked it.

Anyway, so. This time we’re doing it properly with an ACTUAL budget and real sound/lighting designer (the multi award winning journalist and podcaster Maeve McClenaghan did the sound and lighting on the tour we did last year!) and going back around the UK again to slightly bigger venues and also taking it to women’s prisons. And. This is ALL supposed to be happening this coming April - but we urgently need a producer. CAN YOU HELP?

If you’re a THEATRE PRODUCER who is really good at writing Arts Council applications and is better at doing all organisational things in life than I am, and would like to work on this show - then please drop me an email;



Cash Carraway
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Cash Carraway & Maeve McClenaghan nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ for Refuge Woman at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Photo by Megan Lucero.

Cash Carraway & Maeve McClenaghan nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ for Refuge Woman at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Photo by Megan Lucero.

It’s been over a month since I left the hell that is Instagram and my life is so much nicer. Who knew that receiving hateful messages from strangers every day could be so detrimental to both your physical and mental wellbeing? I knew. Yet I hung on because it didn’t feel right being forced to hide away and shut up just because some people (who aren’t my target audience) didn’t ‘get’ me, or like the way I live my life - but actually it’s turned out pretty well. It helped me to realise that my personal and professional life are two very separate entities and it feels right to divorce them. You don’t need to see the inside of my council flat to be interested in my work; I don’t seek fame or notoriety, I just want to write and create some things that some people might find interesting and to make enough money to keep creating the work I want. I was lucky enough to be able to do that in 2018 and I don’t want to sabotage it by wasting my time getting into arguments with people who mean nothing to me.

So, instead of getting involved in all that madness I’ll be returning to my roots and sending out a quarterly newsletter/zine in the post to everyone on my mailing list. It’ll be a lo-fi, cheap thing full of stories and lists and whatnot in the vein of the REFUGE WOMAN script I published late last year or like my old ‘booklet’ of diatribes GUTTER BRAVADO which some of you might remember I used to make before hashtags got in the way of everything. If that’s your kind of thing then please sign up. If not, why you here spying?!

Few bits of admin whilst you’re poking around - my book SKINT ESTATE, a memoir/series of sordid essays about some terrible things I did to survive living below the poverty line in austerity Britain is out on 20th June. You can pre-order here, if you like.

And me and my friend - the multi award winning journalist Maeve McClenaghan - were nominated for ‘Innovation of the year’ at the British Journalism Awards 2018 for our collaboration on my play REFUGE WOMAN (which will be touring again in the spring), and although we didn’t win I feel like it was a huge achievement to be the only artist/non-journalist to make the list of nominees at a journalism awards ceremony! Cool.

So yeah, sign up for my newsletter etc….

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Cash Carraway

After a sell out tour and London run in 2018, my show REFUGE WOMAN will be touring for the final time in Spring 2019, firstly to women’s prisons before hitting ALL the big cities! Will update my tour dates page once all dates have been confirmed.

My memoir SKINT ESTATE about my actual real life and times living in the gutter will be published by Ebury Press/Penguin Random House in June and will be followed by a tour in the autumn.

And I’ve recently started scratching a new spoken word show for Camden People’s Theatre called TATTLE LIFE. It explores internalised misogyny, autonomy and the demand for personal transparency in a fake news, conspiracist, classist and consumerist society. I’ll be doing a number of work in progress performances at CPT before completing a three week residency with them at the end of 2019 (will update tour dates once those dates are announced for both the scratch shows and residency).

Oh, and a few lovely people have messaged asking about where I am on Instagram. I deleted the page completely (so there is no going back!), just because I found it stole too much of my time and was getting in the way of my general life enjoyment! If anyone wants to keep in touch I will be starting a quarterly (free) newsletter that will be sent in the post using a picture of the queens head to get it to you and will NEVER to be seen online - just because the internet is generally gross and intrusive and real life is better and kinder.

So that’s all that then.

Thanks to everyone who supported my work in 2018!


Cash Carraway
Pre-order Skint Estate
skint estate.jpg

I’m writing a book called SKINT ESTATE. It’s a series of essays about the TERRIBLY sordid things I’ve done to survive since the Tories came into power back in 2010. It’s a vulgar little book. It’s not even finished yet and so far I’ve been beastly enough to type the word WANK 177 times. However, as someone who was raised on a literary diet of Hubert Selby Jr, Bukowski and Palahniuk - I consider this to be a huge achievement!

It is filled with utter filth about peepshows, strip clubs, fake husbands, murdering my mother (11- whole- times), writing advertising copy in exchange for fromage frais, arrests, wanking, lying, violence, visiting food banks AND surviving below the poverty line as an outsider mother.

It’s taken a lot of rejection, disappointed looks from my dad and millions of wanks (not- with- my- dad) to get here but I’m very pleased to say that it’s being published by Ebury/Penguin Random house so it’s totally legit.

You can pre-order, if you like…

Cash Carraway
Refuge Woman Tour Nominated for Innovation Award @ British Journalism Awards 2018

Earlier this year I took my one woman show REFUGE WOMAN on tour around the UK with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. It was a really interesting collaboration owing to the fact that my play is about how some journalists exploit working class women by taking ownership of their stories and turning them into figures of pity porn.

It pisses me off that despite creating work where I share my stories as a working class woman, I am constantly approached by journalists who want to interview me about ‘my experiences’ as opposed to allowing my writing and spoken word speak for itself. Almost as if I cannot be trusted with my own narrative and need the help of ‘journalists’ on publications such as Take A Break and Fabulous to articulate what I’m really trying to say. It’s fucking rude. And classist.

Anyway, my show, about the annoying journalists - it started off as a ten minute scratch at Battersea Arts Centre last October and afterwards I got talking to Brian Logan (Artistic Director at Camden People’s Theatre) about developing it into a full length piece to be included in their No Direction Home season. And in a beautifully rare moment of working class nepotism we dragged in my old friend from art school Conrad Murray (best known for directing the 5-star production of Frankenstein, due to transfer to the West End in 2019) to direct REFUGE WOMAN!

Then. I was offered some funding by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism which enabled me to finish the script (and stay out of the food bank for a couple of months) and we took it on tour as a work-in-progress to cities around the UK most affected by government cuts to domestic violence services as part of TBIJ’s No Refuge investigation into refuge closures.

A woman who openly dislikes journalists, on tour with a whole bunch of journalists - it was an interesting yet very lovely time!

And we’ve now been nominated for the ‘Innovation Award’ at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Cool.

Thanks to Maeve McClenaghan and Megan Lucero from TBIJ for commissioning the tour.

Cash Carraway