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I’m writing a book called SKINT ESTATE. It’s a series of essays about the TERRIBLY sordid things I’ve done to survive since the Tories came into power back in 2010. It’s a vulgar little book. It’s not even finished yet and so far I’ve been beastly enough to type the word WANK 177 times. However, as someone who was raised on a literary diet of Hubert Selby Jr, Bukowski and Palahniuk - I consider this to be a huge achievement!

It is filled with utter filth about peepshows, strip clubs, fake husbands, murdering my mother (11- whole- times), writing advertising copy in exchange for fromage frais, arrests, wanking, lying, violence, visiting food banks AND surviving below the poverty line as an outsider mother.

It’s taken a lot of rejection, disappointed looks from my dad and millions of wanks (not- with- my- dad) to get here but I’m very pleased to say that it’s being published by Ebury/Penguin Random house so it’s totally legit.

You can pre-order, if you like…

Cash Carraway