Cash Carraway

Big Tent Ideas Festival - Saturday 31st August 2019

big tent ideas festival cash carraway.jpg

At the Big Tent Ideas Festival 2019, Cash Carraway will be debating alongside David Goodhart (Author, Road to Somewhere) Jo Phillips (Journalist & former Press Secretary to Paddy Ashdown)
Professor Jon Lawrence (Associate Professor, University of Exeter) and Jo Bambrough (Founder & Co-Director, The Exchange) about whether people in the UK feel a strong allegiance to their local neighbourhood and tend to be willing to pitch in to improve it or whether they are individualists who don’t know their neighbours or care about their local areas.

Cash will also be discussing her memoir Skint Estate and signed copies of the book will be available to purchase from South Kensington Books who have an on site pop- up.

Tickets are available here.

Cash Carraway