Copy of Refuge Woman - Camden People's Theatre.


Cash Carraway as Refuge Woman, Camden Peoples Theatre. Photo: Conrad Murray. 

Refuge Woman is a political one woman play written by Cash Carraway about the media portrayal of working class women and austerity cuts to domestic violence services. It toured the UK in 2018 in collaboration with Camden People’s Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, TBIJ and Arts Council England. It was nominated for various awards including ‘Best Innovation’ at the British Journalism Awards 2018 and won ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the Drum Online Media Awards 2019.

Refuge Woman began life in early 2017 on London’s stand-up comedy circuit and via a series of short videos on Instagram. Although the play is FICTIONAL, Cash used her own experiences of living in a refuge to create the character of an arrogant, politically confused and emotionally damaged “refuge connoisseur” who travels the countries domestic violence shelters writing Trip Advisor style reviews. In October 2017 Cash wrote a 15 minute monologue based on the character and performed it at a scratch night at Battersea Arts Centre - who gave her funding to develop it into a full length show.

The first full length performance of Refuge Woman took place on 13th July 2018 at Camden People’s Theatre and was directed by Conrad Murray. It is currently being adapted for television.