Cash Carraway - To The Women, Audible

Cash Carraway - To The Women, Audible

Skint Estate: A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood and Survival (Ebury Press/ Penguin Random House) Published 11th July 2019 on Hardback & Kindle.

Skint Estate: A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood and Survival (Penguin Audio) Released 18th July 2019

Skint Estate: A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood and Survival (Ebury Press/Penguin Random House) Publishing 12th March 2020 on Paperback.

The Poverty Act (Penguin UK) Published 1st August 2019.

How I Joined The Primrose Hill Set - Extract from Skint Estate (The Times) Published 29th June 2019.

Homes for Heroes: Council Estate Memories (Festival of Ideas) Publishing October 16th 2019

Wife Tourist - Dope Magazine Issue 5 (Dog Section Press) Published in print 1st April 2019/published online 19th July 2019.

What It’s Like Working in a Peep Show While Pregnant - Extract from Skint Estate (Vice UK) Published 18th July 2019

Things you only know if… You’re a single mum living on the poverty line (Grazia Magazine) Published July 2019

The Shameful Quietness of Poverty (Marie Claire) Published August 2019

Nobody Knew I Was Secretly Homeless (Marie Claire Online) Published 11th October 2019.

To The Woman. Contributor- Episode 4 (Audible Series) Released 8th March 2019.

So, what does sisterhood really mean? (Harpers Bazaar) Published 1st March 2019.

Wife Tourist (Dog Section Press) Published 1st April 2019.

Refuge Woman: A Fucking Fictional Play & Other Poverty Porn Stories (Gutter Press). Published 3rd November 2018.

Refuge Woman: A One Woman Play (Battersea Arts Centre/TBIJ/Camden Peoples Theatre) Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre October 2017. Performed by Cash Carraway. Directed by Conrad Murray.

The French Inhaler: A Play (Gutter Press) Published 15th July 2014.

The Last Peepshow in Soho (Baron) Published January 2011.

The French Inhaler: A Play (Clean Break Theatre) November 2009. Commissioned by Lucy Morrison. Clean Break Theatre Company.

What Work Is: A Monologue (Clean Break Theatre) February 2008. Performed by Zawe Ashton. Directed by Lucy Morrison.

The Confessional: 24 Hour Plays (Old Vic, New Voices) September 2007. Shortlisted writer. Artistic Director: Kevin Spacey

Lobsters: A one act play (Soho Theatre) Shortlisted for the Soho Theatre Westminster Prize 2008

Beware of the Dogs (Soho Theatre) In development with Soho Theatre 2001

Long Live the Queens: Rants from a failed teenage whore (Gutter Press) Published January 2000