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Audible Live Stage @ Wilderness Festival 2019
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Incredibly excited to be appearing on the Audible Live Stage at this years Wilderness Festival alongside Rose McGowan, Anneka Harry and Grace Savage where we’ll be reading our pieces featured on Scarlett Curtis’ Audible Series TO THE WOMEN (have a listen here if you haven’t already!)

And I’ll also be reading some of my book SKINT ESTATE later on that day!

Cash Carraway
SKINT ESTATE @ Waterstones Covent Garden - Tuesday 16th July 2019
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Going to be doing a few short readings from my book SKINT ESTATE at Waterstones in Covent Garden on Tuesday 16th July 2019. And having a little chat about it too and I can sign a copy of the book you like? Will be there between 6.30pm and 8pm. Be lovely if you could pop down! Anyway, it’s ages away - I’ll remind you again nearer the time…

Waterstones Covent Garden

9-13 Garrick Street



Nearest tube: Leicester Square

Cash Carraway
Refuge Woman Wins 'Innovation of the Year' @ Drum Online Media Awards 2019!
(Original crappy flyer I made back in October 2017 to entice my friends along to watch me make bad jokes on the stage at Battersea Arts Centre)

(Original crappy flyer I made back in October 2017 to entice my friends along to watch me make bad jokes on the stage at Battersea Arts Centre)

Filled with utter shock and so much gratitude - my play REFUGE WOMAN has won an award! We won ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the Drum Online Media Awards 2019.

Thank you so much to Maeve McClenaghan and ALL at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism for taking a chance on a struggling homeless playwright by agreeing to produce the show, to Conrad Murray for being the most brilliant director and to all those who came out to see the play, donated towards the refuges we worked with and helped us raise awareness along the way. Thank you. x

Cash Carraway
Coming soon: Skint Estate
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April 2018: With no money in the bank, 2 weeks from eviction and in the numb aftermath of a suicide attempt - I wrote a proposal for a book about my desperate little life as a working class single mum living below the poverty line in modern Britain. I submitted it along with a couple of sample chapters to Penguin Random House with low expectations and nothing left to lose as my young daughter and I awaited our imminent cleansing from the London.

We did get evicted.

And we did get cleansed.

And we were living in a homeless hostel in a TERRIBLE town when I got the call two months later from Sara Cynwinski at Ebury offering me a book deal. An actual book deal. And with it the feeling of hope that only visits the truly desperate - not just a book deal but a glimmer of a shot at giving my daughter a safe and stable future.

Fast forward 1 whole year and I’m holding an uncorrected proof of my book in my hands, awaiting judgement from journalists and authors and tastemakers. My book Skint Estate. Written on a food bank diet during the most surreal, depressive and isolated 6 months of my life.

There is no pressure for me to be a success: Skint Estate is not an eagerly anticipated book in the world of publishing. My advance was low. And as neither a name of note nor an influencer with an ad pitch there are zero sales based expectations placed upon me. I am the underdog. A wild card. A future tax write off, perhaps? However, I can’t help but feel this is either the moment my life turns around and provides us with the opportunity to finally get out of poverty or it gets well and truly fucked for good. Totally- beyond- fucked. Body dismembered and chucked in a skip fucked- because there is no safety net in view and there is NO way anyone will ever give me a ‘proper’ job after all the filthy things I’ve written about myself. But. There is nothing I can do about it now. And I guess I was already out of choices anyway. Here goes…

Cash Carraway
Multi-Award Nominated Not-A-Journalist
Cash Carraway as Refuge Woman

Cash Carraway as Refuge Woman

Very proud that my play Refuge Woman about government cuts to domestic violence services has been nominated for another award! We’ve been shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation’ at The Drum Online Media Awards 2019 alongside The Times, ITN, Al-Jezzera and the Daily Mirror. It is surreal being the only non-journalist on the shortlist but I’m very happy nevertheless! We were shortlisted for ‘Best Innovation’ at the British Journalism Awards back in December 2018 and it was completely unexpected so it’s a really lovely surprise to find ourselves being nominated for a second award.

Thanks to Maeve McClenghan, Megan Lucero and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism for producing the tour and to Conrad Murray for directing.

Cash Carraway
Audible Series - TO THE WOMEN
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Very proud to be part of Scarlett Curtis’ new Audible series TO THE WOMEN alongside Dolly Alderton, Pandora Sykes, June Sarpong, Juno Dawson and a bunch of other amazing women.

I wrote and narrated a little piece about rotten teeth, drinking tea and internalised misogyny - and… falling in love.

It’s produced by the brilliant & super cool multi-award winning documentary maker Hana Walker-Brown.

Listen to it maybe!

Cash Carraway
Dope Magazine Issue 5
Photo by Becky Grover

Photo by Becky Grover

My short story ‘Wife Tourist’ appears in the new issue of Dope Magazine alongside Jasmine Ahmed, Art in Ad Places, Marco Bevilacqua, Drillminister, Silvia Larote, Cat Sims, Josh McPhee, Tom Medwell, Cindy Milstein, Simon Springer, Special Patrol Group and Liv Winter.

You can get it from the Dog Section Press website here for £3:

Dope Magazine is free to prisoners and homeless people.

Cash Carraway
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Cash Carraway & Maeve McClenaghan nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ for Refuge Woman at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Photo by Megan Lucero.

Cash Carraway & Maeve McClenaghan nominated for ‘Innovation of the Year’ for Refuge Woman at the British Journalism Awards 2018. Photo by Megan Lucero.

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Few bits of admin whilst you’re poking around - my book SKINT ESTATE, a memoir/series of sordid essays about some terrible things I did to survive living below the poverty line in austerity Britain is out on 18th July. You can pre-order here, if you like.

And me and my friend - the multi award winning journalist Maeve McClenaghan - were nominated for ‘Innovation of the year’ at the British Journalism Awards 2018 for our collaboration on my play REFUGE WOMAN (which will be touring again in the spring), and although we didn’t win I feel like it was a huge achievement to be the only artist/non-journalist to make the list of nominees at a journalism awards ceremony! Cool.

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Cash Carraway
Pre-order Skint Estate
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I’m writing a book called SKINT ESTATE. It’s a series of essays about the TERRIBLY sordid things I’ve done to survive since the Tories came into power back in 2010. It’s a vulgar little book. It’s not even finished yet and so far I’ve been beastly enough to type the word WANK 177 times. However, as someone who was raised on a literary diet of Hubert Selby Jr, Bukowski and Palahniuk - I consider this to be a huge achievement!

It is filled with utter filth about peepshows, strip clubs, fake husbands, murdering my mother (11- whole- times), writing advertising copy in exchange for fromage frais, arrests, wanking, lying, violence, visiting food banks AND surviving below the poverty line as an outsider mother.

It’s taken a lot of rejection, disappointed looks from my dad and millions of wanks (not- with- my- dad) to get here but I’m very pleased to say that it’s being published by Ebury/Penguin Random house so it’s totally legit.

You can pre-order, if you like…

Cash Carraway